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Enlist Help to Manage Your Chemical Sensitivities


Feeling ill in your home or workplace can be stressful, especially when the root cause of symptoms is unknown. Many times, these symptoms are chronic and have no direct event or activity to point to as the source. Have you considered that chemical sensitivities may be the culprit? Working with a functional medicine practitioner and or toxicologist may be beneficial in determining the cause of these symptoms and sensitivities.

Functional medicine is a type of medical practice that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illnesses. Functional medicine takes a holistic approach to health care; looking at the whole person and all the factors that may be contributing to their illness.

Toxicologists are scientists who study the effects of chemicals on living organisms. They work to understand how exposure to various substances can affect human health, in turn using this knowledge to help prevent and treat illnesses related to chemical exposure.

Persons with chemical sensitivities can often benefit from functional medicine. This is because chemical sensitivities are often chronic conditions caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, environmental exposures, and lifestyle factors. By looking at the whole person and all the factors that may be contributing to their sensitivity, functional medicine practitioners are able to help identify and address the underlying causes of their condition.

Functional medicine practitioners may work with toxicologists to assess a person’s chemical exposures and identify potential sources of their sensitivity. They may also use a variety of tests and assessments to evaluate a person’s overall health to identify imbalances or deficiencies that may be contributing to their sensitivity.

Once the underlying cause of a person’s chemical sensitivity has been identified, a functional medicine practitioner can work to develop a personalized treatment plan. This plan may involve a combination of lifestyle changes, nutritional support and other remedies.

If you struggle with chemical sensitivity, or feel chronically ill in your home or workplace, toxicologists and functional medicine practitioners can work together to help by identifying and addressing the underlying causes. By taking a holistic approach to health care, functional medicine practitioners can then develop a personalized treatment plan to address each person’s unique needs and help to manage their sensitivity.

Visit these great websites for additional information: (Institute for Functional Medicine) (American College of Medical Toxicology) (Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance – Free resources)

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